If your looking for a workers compensation lawyer Vincent D Marletta is the best in the Bay area. He is knowledgeable, consistent, and trust worthy. He explained the process to me which helped with my anxiousness and stress due to the slow responses from workers compensation. When Vincent took my case back in November of 2017, it took him four months to close my case, I was award the max payment, thanks to Vincent D Marletta!

Marvin W

Berkeley, CA

Vince is the workers comp lawyer to go to . He has been my lawyer for many years . He is a caring,ethical guy who makes his clients feel special. I know i am well cared for. He has gone out of his way numerous times. When i had my emergency surgery he went out of his way to help me take care of several of my bills and came to see me in the hospital. He is a devoted family man who is as ethical as they come. I more attorneys were like Vince the world would be a better place. This man cares about his clients. How often can you call a lawyer great?

Matthew S

Berkeley, CA

Marletta represented me in my worker's compensation case when I was injured and floundering in the system. He treated me with dignity, connected me to a good doctor, and negotiated for me with the opposing counsel.


Berkeley, CA

Mr. Marletta is a genius and such an awesome attorney! He stayed in contact with me throughout my case and fought hard for me to receive the best settlement! I would highly recommend him and if you come across his page, you don't need to look any further.

Stacey K

Berkeley, CA

He has helped many injured workers obtain the medical care and legal remedies they deserve, with compassion and competence.


Berkeley, CA

Very thoughtful and helpful. Provided timely and efficient support. Front office support staff were also very pleasant and responsive. I highly recommend his services!


Berkeley, CA

If you're looking for a competent attorney who possesses integrity, transparency, compassion, humility and patience, while at the same time, providing his clients with the ultimate in representation, then take the time and contact the Law Office of Vincent Marletta.

I became an injured worker in December of 2015 and attempted to handle the case on my own. But as time moved forward, I found the task of dealing with claims adjusters and the Workers Compensation system daunting and quite challenging. For this reason, I sought the expertise of a qualified workers compensation attorney. Fortunate for me, that attorney just so happen to be Vincent Marletta.

Not only is Mr. Marletta a competent attorney and an awesome person but his staff, Vicki and Karina are just as awesome. Thank you Mr. Marletta. You're the best!!!


Berkeley, CA

Vincent and his staff were great during my Workers Compensation process, I'm so glad that I came to him for help!! Thank you Marletta team

Vanessa W.

Berkeley, CA

Mr. Vincent Marletta and his staff were very professional in handling my case. They are all very patient and accommodating. Without being that way, myself will not have the benefits I got after the case was settled.

Mr. Marletta's knowledge on the field had gain all to my advantage. I do highly recommend him and his staff and I'm very grateful for all their hard works.

Francisco M.

Berkeley, CA